Wednesday, June 2

one job > two jobs

Today I was supposed to start working at Wolf camera. However, what I didn't mention is that I had an interview with a photography studio in downtown Golden two hours before I was supposed to start my first day, heh. I went to the interview and it went swimmingly. I called Wolf and told them I had another job and went home and took a nap :) instead of going to work. This could potentially backfire if the Studio doesn't give me enough hours...but I guess I'm willing to take that risk. I just didn't want to commit to both if I couldn't completely do both, and/or end up quitting one right away. The studio job is more what I want to do. Shoot(pun), it IS what I do now, just freelance.

Went to Wash Park tonight for the weekly play time with people from Pathways church. Played a little volleyball and some tennis finally! However, there were defunct sprinklers that started to flow across 75% of our court for 75% of the time. Now that I know this guy plays tennis, next Tuesday we will have to play before the sprinklers come on for the night and ruin our fun!

Also, thanks to Aimee Bee's blog, I had to hunt this new pop down! She had a photo of it in this post.
Cherry Vanilla Pepsi. It's pretty good, combining two of my faves: Pepsi Vanilla and Wild Cherry Pepsi. brilliant! delicious!

and yes the text is backwards because I took it with my mac's web cam.


Taylor said...

Good job on the job!

Fodoz said...

does that mean your face is backwards too?

aimee bee said...

Isn't it delicious. Now that's a soda I can get into the habit of drinking.

Btw, I think USPS lost your letter. :(

Chris Swift said...

1. I didn't know you were posting. Good to hear from you!

2. Nice work on getting that CVP.