Sunday, January 1



Right now I'm struggling really hard to stay awake.  I'm attempting to get on India time [11.5 hours ahead] to avoid jet lag of sorts.  Which I thought would be all fun and games because I would just get to stay up and play and indulge the night owl in me.  [just realized the sun is up...sometimes my curtains work too well]

But I drove 4.5ish hours today and 4.5ish hours the day before and am really tired.

BUT we're going to India. Today. To. Day. Day. To.

I've never been to the Eastern Hemisphere before and I've only been to lands that I know the language, whether that be English or Spanish. This is going to be a crazy, new, exciting, overwhelming, more adjectives experience.

Pray for us!  We're going to be traveling a lot via plane, train, taxi, and on foot.  We're going to be consuming foods and drinks we're not used to.  And pray that God would not only use this trip to change us but to do work through us there.

And somehow/somewhere I will post photos from this a year after or something. jk. or am I?

OH and I won't be able to text/call/access the internet really. So Jan 12th and onward, I'll get back to you!

Thank you to everyone who has $upported this trip! I literally could not be doing what I'm doing here in Memph and will do there without all of y'all and appreciate every penny.  And thanks to everyone who has asked me about this trip already, afterwards, I'll have more to say about it!


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aimee bee said...

yes! So excited for you!