Tuesday, February 14

india 1.0


A question that never ceases to be overwhelming: “How was [insert country that you recently visited]?”  I usually just reply with, “Good!” to test the waters to see if they really want to know and then I wait for follow up questions or for them to walk away.

Last month I went to India from Jan 1st-11th.  I’m still trying to wrap my brain around that, even a month later.

Something that is hard for me about “short term mission trips” or “vision trips” is to accept the cost of the trip.  Is being there for 11 days really worth the money we spent?  I’ve been wrestling with this idea since the time I went to Honduras the second time [in 2008].  The conflict I have with the idea of these trips has been affirmed but also challenged by one of the most insightful and helpful books I’ve ever read, When Helping Hurts by Steve Corbett & Brian Fikkert [seriously, read this book]

So going on an international mission trip was a required part of the Academy [my internship].  I knew that my decision to do the Academy meant, I was deciding and agreeing to go on an international mission trip that would cost of a lot of money.

Being a photo/videographer, I’m always wondering how God can use those specific skills He’s given me for His glory.  In particular on trips like these.

On the trip, I took a ton of photographs, of course.  I’ve decided to make some of my favorite shots available for purchase.  In line with realizing how God can use my art for His glory, I’m going to give 50% of the profits from these photographs back to India [I’m going to ask the people that we partnered with where the money can best be given].  The rest of the profits will be put back into my art and internship doing freelance photo/video work here in Memphis.

Check out my photographs by clicking here and buy a print or two, or three, or etc.  Please pass along this post to other people who might be interested also!

More documentation/fun/funny photographs can be found on the Facebook album by clicking here, along with informative [usually] captions.

Thanks for reading and thanks for asking about the trip!  More thoughts about the whole experience to come.